connor addis in London

Connor Addis going to tate modern Connor Addis in clapham south Connor Addis in London Connor addis on the thames in London Connor Addis on the thames looking down the river Connor Addis walking on the south bank Connor Addis walking past big ben at night

I moved to London in 2009 and I instantly loved the city. Coming from a smaller city in Australia called Adelaide London is very exciting.  I remember first arriving and being at victoria train station. A wave of people were walking towards me and I had never seen that many people in one place. Then when I went to oxford circus for the first time I just couldn’t believe the size of the place. I was staying in a hostel when I first arrived and I didn’t know anyone. I found  a job and a place to live in kentish town. London is such a big city I decided to just concentrate on north London as Im an Arsenal supporter. It was a great place to first live. The years have gone past since then and I still love this city very much although Australia may be the final destination. Most Australians seem to gravitate back to Australia at some point and I think I may be one of them.

Connor Addis in Pai

I was in Thailand back in 2009 for three months. I went up north to a town called Pai which was a hippy town near Chiang Mai. After being in a corporate environment that was very stressful I just wanted to go and train Muay Thai. So I found some cheap accommodation and started training twice a day.

The trainers at the guy were so relaxed and nice guys. I always assumed muay thai fighters would be very aggressive but they were anything but.  Every day we would go to the training and the guys at the gym actually slept at the gym. They slept in the changing areas. They also had some hammocks as well. I would turn up and one brother was playing the guitar and singing some Jack johnson song and the other brother was throwing his chicken into the air.  They were fighting chickens (roosters).  he would throw them into the air 200 times and catch them. When you throw it into the air it forces the rooster to flap its wings wildly and this works out the muscles and helps them in a fight.

Despite these people coming from a different world compared to Australia or the UK they had the same day to day problems.  The two brothers were often having arguments because one brother had gambled too much money on the fights.

My time there was a good one. I learnt a lot about Muay Thai and became fairly proficient at it and it was sad to say good bye when I left.

Connor Addis in Pai Thailand-002 Connor Addis in Pai Thailand-003 Connor Addis in Pai Thailand-006 Connor Addis in Pai Thailand-007 Connor Addis in Pai Thailand-008 Connor Addis in Pai Thailand-009 Connor Addis in Pai Thailand-010 Connor Addis in Pai Thailand-011 Connor Addis in Pai Thailand-012 Connor Addis in Pai Thailand-013 Connor Addis in Pai Thailand-014 Connor Addis in Pai Thailand-015 Connor Addis in Pai Thailand Connor Addis in Pai Thailand-005 Connor Addis in Pai Thailand-004

Connor addis in Madrid

These photos were from when I was in Madrid back in 2009. I stayed in madrid for 2 months after having lived in Marbella for 18 months.  If anyone else has been to Spain Madrid is very different to Barcelona.  It is very built up with a lot more concrete.  The city has a great underground system as well.  I noticed that there is a real punk image happening.  You will notice a lot of girls with nose rings and tattoos.  There are amazing restaurants and places to eat in madrid as well and you should definitely go and check out the Bernabau. Home to Real Madrid.

One other thing with Madrid that i noticed is the street signs.  Every single street sign in Madrid has its own unique artwork.  I will try to find some pictures and upload them.

in central madrid with Connor Addis madrid photos of Connor Addis Connor Addis madrid 7 Connor Addis madrid 6 Connor Addis madrid 5 Connor Addis Madrid 4 Connor Addis Madrid 3 Connor Addis in Madrid 2-001 Connor Addis in Madrid 2

I love this statue so much in madrid and when connor addis took it he loved it

Connor Addis in Madrid Connor Addis Madrid

Connor Addis in Lisboa

Connor Addis-001 Connor Addis-002 Connor Addis-003 Connor Addis-004 Connor Addis-005 Connor Addis-006 Connor Addis-007 Connor Addis

Connor Addis back in 2007 went for  a trip to Lisbon.  This is a blog on some of the trips that I did back at that time. This trip on my own really made me love the city if Lisbon.  It is very dirty in comparison to spanish cities but I found the graffiti and the mess beautiful in its own way. The city has so much charisma and charm and the people in lisbon are so very friendly.

I walked around the streets of Lisbon for days and really loved the architecture.  The city has a lot of graffiti and lots of the city is very run down but in its own way it is still very beautiful.  You have the very steep roads where you can see the ocean in the distance and the trams are going up the small streets. I just straight away loved the city immensely.

I ate at many great restaurants when I was there and the service and food was great. The price for a beer was under a euro which 6 years ago was still very cheap.  I definitely found the people in Portugal to be maybe slightly more cordial than the Spanish.

I would highly recommend anyone that is looking to go to europe to out Lisbon on the list of cities to go to. You will not find a more friendly and cute city in Europe.

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